Wiki-FPV is a collaborative Wiki dedicated on FPV & drones.

The project in few indicators

  • Site creation on  October 2018
  • + 77 web pages on the website.
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Content organization

This Wiki is organized in different chapters that you can discover bellow :

GuidesThe guides to start to learn, understand the law, the origin of FPV ... 
HardwareA description of all the hardwares used for the FPV
FirmwareA synthesis of all the firmware embeded into our flight controlers.
SoftwaresA description of all the softwares available : simulators, configurators ...
PracticeA guide of all the practices : racing, long range, freestyle ... 
DirectoryA global directory of Youtube channels, websites, shops ...
TutorialsSome tutorials pages on specific hardwares.

Quelle est la licence du contenu de Wiki-FPV ?

The overwall of the content is under Creative Commons licence  :  Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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